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You would truly be a brave olympian if you dare to compete in the math event.... the thought of it makes me nervous *for* you.

Good luck!


Oh, Knitting Math should be an extra bonus team! Good call.


ha! you're a mathlete


I considered the math to be part of training--like swatching.

GFY on taking the fabric you like and making the pattern fit that. A true Olympian!


hey, i don't want to throw a wrench into things, but i'd kick myself if i didn't say it. did you wash those swatches? bartlett is pretty unprocessed and while i haven't knit with it before, i'd guess it blooms after its first wash.


That's an excellent idea about the washing. Otherwise, any chance you can knit bigger and go down a size?


Yeah. You have fun with the maths, sister.


Can't help you with the math stuff, but I thought I would chime in on how I loved those swatch watches back in the day!


You are NOT supposed to be channeling Terry. I'll chime in on the wash thing also. Washing is SO much easier than maths.


it is such a relief to know that I'm not the only one that had a hard time getting the right stiches/needles figured out. When (and not IF...) I get around to picking my Rogue up again I'm going to need to some some figuring too. Ditto to above re: washing swatches.

Persnickety Knitter

I'm doing Rogue in Bartlett yarn too, but I'm using the Scotia color and I think I'm going to cardiganize it. I got gauge with a 7 (although I'm getting about 27 rows instead of 24). However, I have NOT washed my swatch yet. Hmmmm, I wonder if there is still time for that...

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