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If I ever make it to SPA, I'll be joining you in the lobby! I was trying to explain to my 14 year old son today, why going into our huge bank makes me feel claustrophobic, or I sometimes just have to get off the city bus for no apparent reason.


I was only a daytripper to SPA this year but I did notice that the staff seemed rather overwhelmed by all of us attendees!


ski pant wedgie?

Beth S.

Gah, you're making me so envious! Next year I'm going, dammit.

You must be feeling pretty good if you're out and about in your ski gear. This is excellent news. :-)


Completely agree with you about the Doubletree. The service was beyond appalling, esp in that lounge/bar at lunchtime. Yes, there were a lot of people, but it's not like they didn't have 5 years experience and a sold-out hotel. Still, it was fun.


I cannot picture the XC ski stride AND the position of those pants co-existing. It must have been...uh...invigorating.

The Doubletree? Yeah. Classic muggles. But what are ya gonna do?


Amen, Sistah! You expressed everything I've been feeling about SPA perfectly.

And seriously? I am so sad that you have no pictures of the XC outfit. So. Sad.


Hee hee - the mental image of the ski pants is pretty good. I desperately want to come out for SPA sometime - but maybe after the venue thing gets sorted out.

May the rest of the tax season treat you kindly...


Thank you (really and truly) for good, constructive criticism and thoughtful comments on SPA '07. The planning group hears you and at just the right point in the planning process for next year.

frecklegirl jess

Glad you had a lovely romantical trip- love that word. (so far away now, huh)

I definitely felt the same way about the location of SPA- it could be so much better if there was actual room for everyone to sit and spin. I did have fun in the room with you guys though. :)

blogless sharon

I agree with you spa is great but the service was poor.We waited two hours for lunch in the bar.


I completely understand the claustrophobic thing! Even in Walmart, I tell my DH, that I just can not go in the deep end...eekk! I like those corners close to the door too...LOL.

Glad you had fun skiing in NH...even with a wedgie...haha!


LOL. I like the image of the belly with ski pants. I'm sure I looked pretty silly in my running clothes when I was pregnant!!!

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