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Reversible Cable Scarf

Reversible Cable Scarf

Yarn: Berroco Pleasure
Pattern: Reversible Cable Scarf - Sheldridge Farms, purchased at the Rhinebeck '05 fiber frenzy.
Needles: Denise #13's

This yarn is a merino/angora blend, and is light, sumptuous, and very, very soft.

The pattern is part of a kit from Shelridge farms (www.shelridgefarms.com) that came with some of SF's lovely superwash worsted weight yarn and the pattern is simply called "Reversible Scarf". I'm not sure if this link will work b/c of the way their site is written, but you can try this: http://www.shelridge.com/details.php?z=z171. Don't be discouraged by the picture on their site. It looks like ass, but is really this fantastic, easier-than-it-looks stitch pattern that I enjoyed knitting immensely. The yarn in my scarf isn't theirs, not b/c I don't like it (b/c i DO, and am using the kit yarn in something else entirely) but b/c i was really looking hard for something to do with that Berocco Pleasure that I had just picked up. I just adjusted the needle size un the pattern up to fit the slightly bulkier yarn.

Rick and I fight over this scarf almost daily.