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Holy crap, this just made my night! It's good to see that you're putting in all those hours training. I think with your head on our team, we're going to kick butt.

And that last shot? Damn, girl, you look gooood! I think your gague is right on. ~wink wink~

Persnickety Knitter

Too funny. Those are some impressive biceps you've got there. And to think all I've been doing for training is hefting my knitting needles -- I had better step it up. Maybe I could start knitting with little weights attached to my needles... or try to bench press my stash.

Bookish Wendy

This, my friend, is the funniest thing I've seen in weeks. I mean - you are incredible.

Go Jackalaca!


Very funny! Great entertainment!!


Dude, you TOTALLY have to teach us all how to Luge!


These photos are SO inspirational! Actually, so were the latvian mittens. I am disappointed there isn't a Team Texas. Can I be an honorary Bean Town Gal?


don't you just love photoshop? omg you totally just made my day!

about your cc...i once knit a dance bag with black as the mc and a blue/green/yellow for the cc. it came out looking really cool. so i'm sure yours will turn out great.

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