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I've been known to bring sweaters, socks, and felted bag projects with me when there have only been a few hours of knitting time available to me, so I completely understand.

I'm the same way with books - I'm going for three days, but I have to have fluffy mysteries, something 'legitimate' (usually means something like 1,000 pages long by Dickens), some poetry, and then a couple more random books, well, just because I MIGHT finish everything else...

Have a great time and please drink something frosty and frothy for me, 'kay?


Remeber to take in account negative ease!


Yeah, I totally have that conversation with myself all the time. Currently I am stoked to be taking the train down to DE for the weekend, 7 hours EACH WAY to just sit and knit, and yet, I can get up and walk around if I need to. I have been debating all week what I should bring.

Have a great time in Florida, and yes, you should totally be knitting on the edge! It's not like it's mohair or anything...


Yup. That's been me. Hey, could be worse...you could pack a spindle and some fiber too, just in case.



Can you imagine what came with me when I flew to Hong Kong? My carry on bag was embarassing!

Have a great trip. And BTW the spawn are freakin adorable. I'm having a conversation with my cat about how he used to be that little once. He seems bored with me.

K. Anne

ROFL. The temptation is too great. That Knitty is a push over! Lol.

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