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I love your Hourglass!!! How did you like the Andean Silk? I've heard mixed things.


Hourglass looks beautiful! Nice job!

Those kittens are painfully adorable. Don't you just want to squeeze them til their eyes pop out of their skulls??


WOW, sexy! Hourglass looks phenomenal on you!


Great post! It's like, nothing, nothing, nothing...then BAM!

1. Yes, more kitty pics is a MUST. I've been waiting to see the little buggers since your last post and I can't stand it anymore! SO. IMPOSSIBLY. CUTE.

2. It is SO awesome that you know which sheep your wool came from and it subsequent history. I LOVE that. It's one of the reasons I want to start spinning. I'd love to make a Rogue and be able to say it came from "Bessie." :-)

These beautiful creatures need to be rewarded for donating their wonderful fiber.

3. That sweater is GORGEOUS. was wonderin' what you were knitting up with that Andean Silk! I love it! I was planning on placing my KnitPicks order this weekend and was looking for a good project for that Andean Silk you so kindly allowed me to fondle and now I have one. ;-)

Ok. I'm done. Carry on...


Love Hourglass, love the kittens more, but then I am a kitten addict.

Can't wait to see the album.


that's the best fitting hourglass sweater i've come across! it's beautiful. you really got it right -- not blousy but still loose enough to be curvy. i love it!

you've made me want to make one myself :)


Hourglass is gorgeous! Did you like working with the Andean Silk? I've been looking for a sub for this sweater, and that is one of my choices! You did such a beautiful job.


wow! your hourglass sweater is amazing. it fits you perfectly.

K. Anne

The little fur babies are so cute!

The hourglass rocks!


Women are not, are fairly portrayed in the media


I've just been letting everything pass me by , but so it goes. I just don't have much to say these days. Pfft. I can't be bothered with anything. More or less nothing seems worth doing. I haven't gotten much done recently, but oh well.

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