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that's my knitting cafe concept that i've been talking about to friends for about 2 years now. on the weekends i would have live music. with big comfy couches...and snacks...i'm just looking for the perfect space AND of course the money...but some day.


YES! Knit Cafe! It should have BEER! It should have WINE! It should have GIN!

Of course, it might be cheaper for you just to hang out at my house. I make a mean gin & tonic. ;)


We do need one here. And, seriously, what is up with that place closing so early? It's NY!

Oh, there is another place in NY -- also a yarn shop/cafe deal -- called Lint. I can't for the life of me find the link. I Googled all sorts of combos and no luck. Did I imagine it?

I think I was turned on to it via either The Yarn harlot's site or someone else's site before they were scheduled to visit NY. Whoever it was put a call out for good yarn shops and that one came up.

Unless, of course, I was dreaming. ;-)


Yep, it's official I live in the wrong state. Maybe I should recommend it to the knitting store in town.

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