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Those kittens were no good, Kellee. I could see it in their squinchy little eyes. Trouble with a capital T. I saw one of them fiddling with a book of matches while you weren't looking, and the other was making prank phone calls. She ordered a dozen pizzas for a nursing home in some other town! I mean, honestly, why do you need that kind of heartache? Yep, those kittens were bad news.

Does that help?


Where I grew up, we lived close to some foothills where there were lots of feral cats. My mom and step-dad would try and catch the pregnant feral cats and then keep them until they had their litter, then we'd give away the kittens and take mama to the vet to be fixed. Usually, every time we performed this rescue operation we ended up with two more cats - mama and one of the babies. One night when my best friend spent the night and was still at my house the following morning after everyone else had left, she woke up to find (and I am *not* exaggerating here) eight cats surrounding her on the bed.

Eight's a lot...I'm just saying.


Who wouldn't want them back, they are sooooo cute. I'm glad they have a good new home though where they'll be adored and worshipped as all cats should be. They look so cute in the luggage.


I love the photo. But Ohio? What's the deal? Way too far away.


OMGosh!! There are adorable!!! We just got home from Ohio and seriously considering moving there within a couple years!


wooo hooO! Look at me! Commenting from work!

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