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Oh WOW. That's really breathtaking Kellee. I mean, I *saw* Nadine, and that's really impressive. Are you bringing some tonight? ;)


Wow- what fabulous colors! Makes me think of fall...


OH golly, I really DON'T need to see how beautifully a drum carder makes fleece look. How many hours of work was that, and what percentage of the fleece is done? Cassie hand combs, and says it is very time consuming. Please save me from myself and tell me how much work that all is.


I am so happy to see that nice little carder using used and loved. It was sorely neglected in the Fiber Room.

Remember. Shoulder. Elbow. 'K?

julia fc

That is gorgeous. Just the kind of colours I like to see in a fleece. Nadine is my kind of gal. And if Laurie asks agaion, lie to her. She's already in touble.


That's beautiful! I didn't know that brownish gray fleece could be dyed those beautiful colors...I got a lot to learn here...maybe we could have another dye day sometime so's I can practice...I got lots of brownish gray wool that I'd love to change!

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