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Just make 'em different colors so we can tell them apart!


I think it's wrong to put babies in prison, even if the outfits are kind of cute. And from the beret, I'd say it's french prison!

There are SO many great vintage baby patterns out there. Or in my house, to be exact. Melanie is going to have a hard time with you and me, Kellee.


Dibs on a blanket!


Or as they say here in Massachusetts, triple high hosey.

Who comes up with these things? "Dibs"? "High hosey"?


that's a great pattern! another fun stripey pattern is minnowknits "jailbird" (or something that equally references jail stripes). The pattern is for a cute overall type of outfit - it's cute.

I know of the marriage and baby stints that you speak of, but it hasn't happened for my close circle of friends. Right now we're all in the "bitter friends of friends who keep getting married and why are our sisters who are both younger and older then we are getting married?" group. At least we've got each other. (for now.)


I say we all knit those babes something truly evil, like...say....

a Viking chicken hat??

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