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Maybe they mean to start directly with the lace pattern?


Actually, it's the same as the knitted on cast on. There's an illustration here: http://www.wonderful-things.com/newknit1.htm. I should probably post this on the blog tonight as well.


It's the same cast on that is used for the Birch Shawl. The Rowan Book 34 had/has instructions for the lace cast on.


i'm sure glad that other people already knew what the lace cast-on method was because when i read your post, i just kind of scratched my head and went 'huh?'.


Bethany is right. however, if you do not have that rowan book, and you are still wondering, let me know. they specify that cast on method because it is very elastic.
nice project, BTW


Hi! I just saw your blog post because guess what I'm doing? My very *first* Rowan pattern, and my very *first* lace project. You guessed it, River. And I don't know WTF the lace method for cast on is either. :-D I'm going to try using Melanie's reference url... if that is not the right solution, could you email me? Save me from myself. I have to have this shawl! You're not the only one who's obsessed with it...

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