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Hands Kellee a Jack Daniels, straight.

Tiptoes quietly away.....


Oh how I feel for you, we've been dealing with pantry moths for what seems like years. Good luck!


Oh Kellee, I had no idea. I'm so sorry. And I will keep your sweater until your house is safe again, just let me know.


My toes are curling, my face is wincing, my soul is squeezing, and my heart is breaking. Lesson. Fiber gets frozen before adding to stash. I didn't think of that. I learned something from all this, if it makes you feel one whit better.


I don't think anything I say will help, but know that if I were closer I'd offer to buy you a beer, a drink, a gallon of whatever you choose. I can't imagine being in your situation - and twice? that's just cruel and unusual. I am so sorry.

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