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OUCH!!!! Ohhhhh, I have so been there! Sorry about the frogging... I hope at least the sock is going well!


oh no :( i have to say this is a harder pattern to do while being distracted -- i think because of the wider repeat -- until you really get going on it.

at least you're not frogging mohair. the alpaca should frog back pretty easily.


That guy's head looks like it's been knocked off. A much worse fate than frogging...



i think you must have been channeling my brain this weekend. or some version of my brain that thinks that complicated knitting, football, and beer (in my case) go together just fine. ;)


been there done that.... simple basic stock st duirng game season....
Hey what drum carder is that?/ The the look huge?? Is that for courser wools not fine wools? imquiring minds want to know........;o) Great dying and roved balls.. Nice job!!

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