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Call for reinforcements!

julia fc

Right now, shake out everything, get yourself some sticky traps, and garbage bags, and quarantine. Remember that the freezer can send eggs into dormancy, it only kills the larvae, so everything, just to be safe, will have to be re-froze in a few weeks. Make a mental list of everything that has come into the house in the last four months that could have brought moths: rugs, furniture, vintage yarn, clothes, etc, and start THERE. Good luck.


oh i'm so sorry.




Nightmare at ODJ.

May the force be with you.


My deepest sympathy. That sucks...


Thank goodness you had room in your freezer!


Ack! I'd be freaking, too. Every little moth I see I hunt down.

I've heard that they don't like lavender and you can buy cedar balls, or bags of shavings to keep with your wool. Maybe if you add essential oil of lavender to water to wash things with?

I've also heard that they prefer dirty stuff, so as long as your wool is clean and regularly aired, maybe they will be less likely to lay their eggs in your stash.

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