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You'll have to tell me what gauge you get with the silky wool...I don't know how mine could be THAT off...


You're a total swatching monkey. Can I peruse some of your KnitPicks swatches sometime? I'd like to see how they all look and feel and maybe even taste.


Look how you label your swatches. Now, that seems super responsible. Even *I* don't do that.

Bookish Wendy

I love the baby bootie book. Must steal from you.


That sweater is gorgeous! Stupid question, is that from her Viking Patterns book?

Your swatching is really to be admired.


You are a swatchmeister ;o) I can't believe you label them - I bow to your organizational prowess...

We met in Rhinebeck - I'm the woman who looks sickeningly young for having a 16 yr old ;o) Trust me, once she gets her permit the wrinkles will set in FAST.

I admit I had to ask Laurie your name because I completely forgot it and I hope you will someday find it in your heart to forgive me...?

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