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I've never taken a machine and scissors to my knits, either, despite having an entire book of beautiful Fair Isle patterns that involve steeking. Have I made a single one of the patterns? Nope. I just can't get past that hurdle. Good luck to you on this mission; you are boldly going where only some of us have gone before. I will be sending happy sewing vibes your way!


You keep eating that candy and eventually that tank will fit juuuuust right. ;)

Good luck with the repairs, I'm curious to see how it works out. And don't tell Betty, but that sweater makes her ass look HUGE.


Oh! This is all so familiar... I've seen this done before! Bonne Marie @ ChicKnits did it -- I swear, your pics of the basted tops look exactly the same! Anyway, I'm sure she has a tutorial posted -- it was a few months/some time ago. She always does an excellent job of explaining things and would certainly answer any questions you might have. Good luck!!!


Bonne Marie's tutorial is awesome - it's the same one I used when I fixed my extra large chickami. Don't be like me though - remember to turn it inside out before putting it under the machine. Whoops! It turned out ok though, the first cut is the hardest.

Other Julia

I love Betty. I need Betty. Where did you get Betty? Did you make her? I want one. Bad.


Good luck. I actually did this with...Lillehammer. Talk about stressful.


Give it to someone who is 8 months pregnant.

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