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I'm BLIND! BLINDED by the Gator throw!



I have not yet made socks on a long circular needle. I've decided that it will be one of my October challenges. Do you make them one at a time, or do you ever do them both on the same needle at the same time?

The Tequila Sunrise scarf looks great, but I hear ya on it driving you batty.


Go, Gators!!! (Hell, yeah, I'm a UF graduate!) And I made acrylic, Gator-colors mittens, hat and half-gloves for various relatives last Christmas, so I'm with you, sister.


i'm catching up on some blog reading hence the late comment. i fell for the lure of the $1 bin target yarn until i got it home and realized that 1. it's butt ugly and (the yarn not the scarf that you are making) 2. i hate knitting with that type of yarn. so i took it back.

and i like your lap blanket.

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