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you could make that. ;)


that is a great sweater, no, no, don't make it, buy it and then make a duplicate. hee hee. That way instant grantification.


I saw the same sweater and I thought that it was a great inspiration for a handknit. Not to rain on your parade, because sometimes we all need the instant gratification of a store-bought knit, or we'd rather not knit something (she writes, wearing a wool V-Neck that she bought from LL Bean two weeks ago).


what maryse said.


It's beauuuuuuuuutiful!

Teresa C

I'm sitting here thinking, would it be a fair isle thing or intarsia? How can I do that? Hmmmm....

Bloglines just updated this post, I click on over to leave a comment and find you have posted again! Bloglines has totally shunned me since I posted last night. Bad, bad, bloglines.


I like the green.

It that two color cable work? Clever and beautiful. If you buy it, can I borrow it to examine the contruction? Next summer, I hasten to add.


I like that sweater too. But I was thinking of purchase rather than reproducing it....*gasp*


Ooh, you bad elf, you... you've inspired my bad-elf-ness. I want it too! Gotta go see what other colors it comes in. I may be toast here....

She who does not trust her family to figure this out, even if I give them the url for the exact item AND the picture from the catalog.


I LOOOOVE that sweater. Gorgeous. I hope Santa was reading.


Omg, that's gorgeous. Great use of color *and* cables! I do hope Santa is reading this!

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