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I really, really like it. What's the armhole depth like? I'm searching for the perfect armhole depth.


You absolutely deserve a trip to the Bahamas. Where else are you going to get to wear that beautiful tank top this time of year? Nice job and I love the crochet edge.


Way way funny! This looks seriously good. I like the contrasting edging. Maybe someday you will teach me enough basic crochet to not be an idiot about it. Because of that hope, I wouldn't DREAM of mocking you.

That hanging gauge will getcha. My husband's 'paca sweater hasn't finished growing yet. *sigh*


Hey, I heard that you've won a trip to New York City! (Game show mode... I was just at Cara's.)

It looked wonderful! Great job -- oh, and I hear you about cotton. I used to LOVE knitting with cotton, but man, what a pain...

Have a great time in the city with the girls! Don't forget to get my hug from Cara.


Great tank! I love the shape... it's very flattering. Santa should definitely send you to the Bahamas now!


It really looks great Kellee. Very flattering. Plus, it's done, done, done! My Soleil is still waiting to be finished. How lucky to be off in NYC -- me, I'm going to the Fabric Place :-)


I think that's the most flattering and full'o'potential (dress up, dress down, professional or fun, wear with a sweater/jacket/alone) tank I've ever seen a picture of. It's beautiful! The edging (that I couldn't do, yet, as I'm an crochet idiot) really adds depth. It's beautiful.

How are your cats doing?


Go you! The tank looks great, and I am sure it will be even better once you've blocked it. Yay!


Man, flattering was the word *I* was gonna use. It really is. So drapey and shapely. The edging is a nice touch!!

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