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Nice, nice, nice. Although the CTH is being badmouthed a lot these days. Make sure you wash it by hand.


yes, there's a cth boycott. the owner is a beyatch. and the yarn bleeds. that's what i've read.

i love seeing people's yarn purchases because i love seeing the colors they choose.

and i'm reading the mark haddon book too!


Dude! I was going to say - didn't you already buy that stuff? ;-) Better late than never! Totally fun day. I miss it.


I think some slack is required when said knit-blogger is installing floors in her spare time. By the way, they look gorgeous.

The more sock yarn the better! - socks are something you wear practically every day (unlike sweaters), you don't need much for a finished project (unlike sweaters), and you can finish a pair in a few days if you're up for it (unlike sweaters) and you can fit them in your bag for knitting while in line (unlike sweaters), and it doesn't matter how the vareigated yarn turns out (unlike sweaters).

So yes, socks are the new yoga. But better.


Damn. That makes me want to get right back on the bus to NYC. Damn.


Yup, slackassed blogger. But heck, it's necessary to parse out some of the blogfodder, otherwise it's impossible to blog something interesting. What I would really like, in yarnporn style, is closeups. Cleavage, if you will. (Wait til you see what I bought today!)

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