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Those are some great finished projects! I really love your snake scarf. And of course the kittes are smarter than the average bear - they are Siamese, after all.


Look how productive you are! That braided scarf is so fabulous. I love love love it. I do. And I can't WAIT for you to make ROGUE!!


ooh looks like you got some mexicali artyarns in there!

cha cha cha.


Everything looks great. Love the Artyarns bin... now where is the Socks That Rock bin???


OH I love those scarves, especially the snake and the reverse cable.

May I ask, how much does it cost to have a fleece processed? Approximately?


I'm planning a cardigan (Arisaig from Knitty) from Kid Silk Haze for the spring, 'cause I've been jonesing to knit with it for about a year now. Provided I can work out the gauge, which might not be doable.


When I saw the picture of the Artyarns drawer my response was to blink. Very, very slowly...

I'm sure you said lots of very interesting things after that drawer picture, but I couldn't tell you what those things were.




Wow! Very nice stash. Last May I sent 2 fleeces...right off the lamb / sheep or ewe, to Wooly Knob. I mean...these were DIRTY and not skirted fleeces. When I got them back they were wonderful! I couldn't believe they were the same ones I sent out. Matt and Jamie do a great job, and they will get the next ones too. :)


I love the reversible cable scarf! I'm going to order a copy of the pattern, too.

Kellie N

Oh wow! Thanks for the artyarns picture - I would have settled for another picture of the cat, but this is a bonus! I have a package of supermerino waiting for me when I get home tonight, and that picture makes me even more eager to get home to it!
I'm with Elisa - I couldn't tell you what was in the rest of that post!

Katie Silver

I know, I must be a dolt, but I can't figure out how or where to get the pattern for that absolutely gorgeous reversible cable scarf. Can you enlighten me? I would be so grateful.

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