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I have to laugh! I just knit a pair of socks for my DIL to be, and they said their cats are rubbing against the socks like crazy! Animals do have good taste in fiber!

The Feminist Mafia

Oh ... I love those drawers. So colorful. So organized. Shallow enough to make the stash diving a quickie job. Love.


Great picture! He looks so comfy!


i love your rainbow drawers. and of course your napoleon.


If I were at your house, I'd probably try and hide in your sock yarn, too. ahem.

Kellie N

Your cat is just beautiful, and he obviously has good taste. Sock yarn is my favourite kind of yarn. So, are you gonna show us what's in the drawer?


I love how organized you are! Or at least how organized your yarn is. And how big your stash is!!!


Gorgeously organized stash. I particularly love the adorable cat stash accessory. ;)

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