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I missed you yesterday! Hope you're feeling better.

julia fc

Hang in there, babe. You can do it.


This week works too, or next week. Whenever you can get it done. No stress. Time for a few deep, cleansing breaths, maybe a few moments of child pose...


i didn't finish either. hey missed you yesterday


Second wind. That's it! The finish is in sight. So clooose............

The Feminist Mafia

Girl, I'm with you. After reading your determined post, I'm aiming for this week too! We'll have our own little post-Olympic knit along (for which my fellow MIT SnBer Jess might join). We could call it the Last One to Cross the Finish Line KAL? Or the Rotten Egg KAL? :-)


Go go go go go go go go!! :) Hope you're feeling better.


Um, you can knit at open mics, too. :) Just sayin'.


after watching bits and pieces of the 50K ski race yesterday I have a whole new appreciation for distance events - seems to me that you should still be eligble for a gold given all that you've been doing.

(That retreat weekend? weren't you busy setting an example for me so I could see people in action? and re-explaining the cable charts? yes, I thought so. That's gotta count for something.)

go knitter go!


Miss you LOTS! Hope you're feeling better!


Keep on going :-)


Just a reminder, when your hands start to ache, you need to REST them! :)
Of course, that's what had to happen to convince me to take a break...

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