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damn! i was going to guess montreal! i swear i have a picture of that same building. i went to montreal labor day weekend 2004 and it was a weird place for me. i felt like i was in france (in small weird ways) and yet i wasn't. i loved quebec city more though. that place is gorgeous.

anyway, i should have guessed. damn it.


wheeeeeeee!! montreal is such a fun town - i haven't been there in too long, but i have a friend who moved there recently who's always emailing beautiful pictures and telling me all about the amazing restaurants. gotta get back there.

i love the way the fleece is laid out - looks like a sheep lying right on the floor! it's lovely.


I love Montreal, I went there about 12 years ago, someday I intend to go back. IT's a beautiful city. Almost as beautiful as that fleece.


Wow, bright socks!

Do you ever lose a Siamese in that fleece? I'm thinking they could hide in there and blend right you - you might spin one right up without noticing.


Beautiful city, urbane, sophisticated, good shopping, good food. But that fleece? It begs for handsful of its softness.


I *heart* Montreal!! Jason basically grew up their every summer so he knows it well (and probaby St. Catherine St. a little too well)

What a fabulous place!! I need to go back soon!!


Hey... a fellow Atlanta native, transplanted to Boston. Could we have crossed paths? I graduated high school in 1994...

Carrie K

I'm heading to Montreal in the fall.

For one brief moment, I thought that was the cat's fur. That huge mass.


I had no clue where you were going but I'm glad you had fun. Dale and I have talked about a trip there several times but haven't actually done it yet. Someday!
I can't keep Mason away from fresh fleece either. It's a riot!


Oh drat, I was going to guess Montreal, but then so many people said Philadelphia, that I figured they were right. Oh well. Sounds like a great trip!

Love that fleece. Evil enabling there, with the link to Skylines. I have to ration my fleece buying this year.

About Vail, I made a pair of socks with the off-white color, and they FELTED in the wash (cold, no dryer--gentle superwash handling). So I don't know if you have made other things with this, or if it's only the off-white color, but I'm treating it as if it's not superwash. I just finished a sweater for Ellie in the same yarn, and it's being handwashed, for sure.

Nice socks, though! :)


You forgot to talk about the food in Montreal. Mmmmm....

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