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Savannah, Georgia?


i'm going with a wild guess and saying montreal.

The Feminist Mafia

I think it's Philly, and if I'm correct I know of one fabulous shop you cannot miss -- Loop Yarn on South Street. Been there several times and LOVE it!! The owner is wicked nice and he has a super cute dog with him most days.
Pricey, but they have the finest and good sales too.

There are other shops, but I wasn't impressed. Loop is mandatory. If you need other Philly suggestions, let me know. My BFF lives there, so I'm there often.

If it is Philly, that is ...


I know! I know! I know!

But I'm not tellin'.

Have a good time, yo!


I'm thinking it's Atlanta.


Philadelphia - any yarn shop suggestions would be guessing. :)


It looks like Philadelphia! Must be! Must go to Loop Yarn....take credit card...or lots of cash is even better. I think they'll even ship it home for you!
Have fun!


If that *is* Philly, I would appreciate your observations, suggestions, etc. I'm going at the end of the month.


I'm thinking Philadelphia ... but can't help with the yarn shops.


;) Kate


Is it too late to guess? I think I know - Montreal?


I have no idea. (that hasn't stopped me from spending an unmentionable ammount of time with google images searching for "statues on a building" and "12 statues" and other terms. Nothing. I got nothing.

(though I could jump in and join with the others and say "Philly!" I'm not sure I could with a clear conscience because I can't be sure.)


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