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Whew! I was starting to feel like there was something wrong with me. Thank you! And I'll see you in MD.


WOW! Your yarn stash looks like my fabric stash ( 36 file boxes and then some) Just got into the knitting habit again, so I only have enough for about 10 projects so far. I obviously need to go shopping!


That is one impressive stash! Yea, I was wondering about the fiber :-)


Ok, I feel a bit better now. All day I've been getting comments from people who've decided that, after seeing MY stash, they don't have a problem. Hmph. Your stash is stunningly organized. And your photo stylist adorable.


Very nice! I haven't counted my possible socks...because I'm chicken.


i totally can go shopping now.


Oh! That is a great use for those silly shoe things! And your stylist is adorable. :)


Such a lovely wall of color. My stacked plastic bins are not nearly as nice to look at.


Okay. I'm struck speechl...........


(my hand is in the air...) It's not that I don't love the *idea* of cone'd yarns, it's that I can't ever tell what is worth buying/knitting at Webs. Perhaps I need an assistant to help me figure it out.

mitten dowry? grand idea. Now I just need to find a single, cute Esotonian male.

mmmmmm....sock yarn. I love sock yarn. (and it was lovely to see the yarn your dyed at Julia's again!)

there was a lot of "oh my...(deep sigh)... that's new to me! she's right - that's is simply beautiful" said during the yarn tour. You have lovely taste in yarn.

(any chance I could borrow some of that for Maryland? I'm not going, but would love to have a personal shopper bring me back some, er, sock yarn....?)


Hey, that was REALLY FUN. I kept on hitting "next" and...there was always another picture. So many lovely yarns....


So, if you started knitting right now, and kept knitting every waking moment except for working and sleeping, how long would it be before you ran out of yarn??

the evil one ducks and runs.....


Wow! So organized. I'm sure your handsome helper is just itching to get in there.


But it's so wonderfully organized and stored. And you have a self-made dressform? Wow.

Now that's a fiber space to covet. Forget the sock yarn (okay, don't forget it, sheesh).

I seem to have been saved from showing my fiber stash by a miraculous case of computer LCD failure (at work now). So, you know, phew.


I can't wait to sleep in your guest room - the wool will ensure sweet dreams. Also, you are a sick, sick woman.


And yes, you can be buried at Webs. We can arrange for them to tip a set of those back shelves over you. Like a cairn.


Um, only enough for 58 pairs of socks? I thought you were more ambitious than that... ;)


droooooooool ... yum. i can't wait for maryland!

Carrie K

"Only" and "58" are a natural match.

Nice stash. I'm starting to suffer from stash envy, although I'm sure if I dragged mine out it wouldn't be far behind. But I don't know for sure! Yay! so, stash envy.

The Feminist Mafia

Oh, it's all nicely organized. I'm coming to live with you. ;-)
How's your Olympic knitting coming along?

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