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I just have to ask.
What did you do with your old deco light fixtures? They look amazing. Were they salvagable?
The finished room does look great. Wish I had the moola to renovate or move!


I'm still on my second jaywalker too -- I prefer to think that we're fashionably late :-) That room looks splendid!


What's a jaywalker? I haven't knit any jaywalkers. Am I supposed to knit jaywalkers? ;)

And, Oh. My. God - that light fixture is gorgeous and the room looks PERFECT. I am almost afraid to type that, given our propensity to get smacked upside our heads by Murphy's Law, but I'm just going to put it out there and say GO TEAM!!!


You do know that by the time the rest of the renovations are done, that gorgeous first finished room will need to be re-done, right?


Nice Jaywalker! I love that colorway :o)

My SO uses a snake daily - I'll have to tell him your new official technical lingo ;o)

That room looks AMAZING!


Wow. I am in awe - that room is spectacular! Go, team!

Your Jaywalker is none too shabby, either. But that room!


the room looks beautiful. absolutely beautiful. it's like something out of a magazine. call domino stat!

and the jaywalker. i'm catching it when it becomes all the rage AGAIN in 20 years like shoulder pads and leggings.


The room is jawdroppingly gorgeous! I am envious of your home improvement and design skills!


I just love those red walls.

Beth S.

Oh WOW. I really dig your red room! See, one day your whole house will look like that. Just remind yourself of that when the going gets tough. ;-)

Moss Agate... ooh. Me likey.


Ohmygod, Kellee, you guys DID THAT?? That is so COOL!! I can't wait to see the rest. ; ) Fixer-uppers can be such a pain, but also SO rewarding. Go Team, indeed.


Where to start? I haven't knit a Jaywalker yet. You aren't the last one. We ALL wear the one sock first. Only. Then washing it after is called "blocking". Heh. Love the before pictures. Love the afters even more. Glad it's not me. Ahem.

I have a different kind of fixer-upper sitting in MY house. That's enough for now.


I have yet to try either Jaywalkers or STR. Talk about being late to the party. I'm trying to restrain myself from buying some STR, but I'll probably give in soon enough. Great work on the socks.

Carrie K

I love that room! I was mocked for years for my red walled bedroom (it's beige now. It's also not the same house).

I don't even have the Jaywalker pattern. Yet.


I love those older houses...they have lots of character. The work you put into them is so worth it. I like doing that type of work, but all I'm allowed to do these days is rearrange the furniture. :( I love your living room...it's stunning.
May I ask if you used 1's or 2's when you made your Jaywalkers? Very pretty indeed!


Love your Jaywalkers! I haven't made any yet--I'm happy to see in your comments that I'm not the only knitter in the world who hasn't...


Found my way here via Zen Knitz and on and on....down the blogrolls. Love your blog and love this room. Red is such a great color, with these furnishings its just right.
Cheers from Canada and BFN :)


The room is really gorgeous. It's so handy to have a physicist around for the electrical stuff. (Let me know if this is a bad assumption and that I am required to commit social seppeku.) I usually start to freak out a bit when my husband wants to noodle around with electricity. Then I remind myself that he builds telescope instruments. The expression "smoke test" does not inspire confidence, though.


Just had to say I love the room!! Beautiful.

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