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Good idea! And that sweater is CUTE. Modelled shot, please.


My contribution is attempting to knit a pair of socks in two days. I'll be knitting like a mad woman until they are done. Hope the late night knitting karma doesn't keep Mr. Etherknitter awake.


Um, where is the hood? ;)

Your Rogue is beautiful, Kellee and I agree with Claudia - action shots, please.

Now - also, please to make with the CT goodness. :)

I will definitely be sending good vibes Mr. Etherknitter's way - what a terrific idea.


Ooh, I like what you did to the neck. We *will* need some modelled shots of that.


No Hood? What gives???


i've made a button -- i'm home sick, good for button making.


Hey that sweater looks familiar...it looks great on you as well as on your lawn ;o)


Wow, all of a sudden I'm dizzy, feeling a Power Ranger-ish wind... or something.

Your FO flash is so NICE!!! ; )


We must have modeled shots! Rogue looks fab though, man the cables really pop in that yarn.
Great idea to heal Mr. E. Knitter's Unite!!

Beth S.

Done! And with pleasure.


I'm in! I just started a pair of socks today and I'm dedicating their knitting to Mr. Etherknitter. Great idea, Kellee! Get that knitting mojo going!


You are the cutest girl in the whole world.

Teresa C

So lovely, but I am with the others: On the Catwalk!


it's beautiful! Nice visit Sat.


Wonderful idea! What a great Call to Legs. . . er Arms! I'm on it...


You already know I absolutely love it, but I'm telling you again. Love. It.

Rachel H

What a fabulous idea. I'm heading off to start a sock in Mr. E's honour. My first ever Trekking experience. That oughta help, right?


Okay, despite not wanting to knit tonight I'm going to do five rows on my sock. So there!


He's going to feel the heat in his leg...he's going to feel the vibrations of knitting energy...it's going to heal, damn it. Thank you, Kellee. This is more than wonderful.


I am a little late to the send-good-thoughts-today party (and not that I haven't been sending good thoughts today, it was just that I didn't knit something in honor of bone growth) and so tomorrow I'll eek in some knitting for him.

Rogue = fabulous. In fact, that picture (with modifications...is it possible to learn some more about that bu-ti-ful neckline?) has just gotten me to dig out my needles and yarn for the rogue that I need to start. Start again. Because the third (er, fourth?) time is the charm.

I need to email you. soon. When my thoughts are a bit more coherent.


What a great idea - I'm so in.


Wonderful idea, Kellee! LOVE that Rogue. I need another view of the mods.

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