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There must be something in the water or air or whatever...I had the same experiance last week, just out of the blue one of those lovely's happened to cross my path...never thought twice about it, just bought it and now it's residing (temporarly) with Dave Paul for some much needed spa treatments. :) Your new wheel is simply gorgeous...enjoy!

Rachel H

Sigh. I want a Dave Paul pimped wheel too.


I wrote you too soon, I see you made your announcement right here!

Your new yard looks lovely!


Well, its good to hear that it wasn't really a snap decision - because when you walked out of the ladies room and announced you were buying that wheel, I was a little perturbed.

She was right, it belongs in your living room. Now spin, woman.


I saw these intimations on Other People's Blogs about Kellee and a wheel. I was waiting...waiting...waiting...and THERE she is! It IS beautiful against the wall, and it IS a beautiful wheel. Wow! What a find! Someone said Cummington is a magic place. I really think that might be true.


And yes, that is a lot of hard work in the yard. It looks really good! I like your choices of plant materials.


It's beautiful! Spin well!


Fantastic, Kellee! Just wish I had been there on Sunday, too, to see the moment in person.


Man, that wheel is HOT.

I think I want to go apprentice up at the Merlin Tree next spring. Whaddya think?


Dude... you rock! I can't wait to go fiber shopping with you and Elisa next weekend at the Frolic. I've been missing my Boston area knitters!!


I spun on that wheel and really liked it. Good choice!!


Hollyhocks and foxgloves for sure, but something with branches for texture.

Korean spice bush, dwarf japanese maple, dwarf lilac ??????

Dunno. Looks good so far, though.

Also, hee.


that wheel was MADE for your room - it was meant to be. (and yes, it did, er, help to see what you brought home...) I'm just sorry I wasn't there to see it for myself. (sigh)


Oh, congrats on the wheel! I have a Canadian production wheel I named Serendipity cause that's how she came into my life for instant bonding.

The garden's looking great!


It's a beaut! What a wonderful addition to your home!

Lucy at Mind's Eye

That wheel is delicious! I salivate over them everytime I got to a festival.


Congrats on the lovely new decoration in your living room! :)

And on being so productive with your front yard.

Carrie K

It does look fabulous against that wall.

The yard looks great!

julia fc

*sigh* Happy for you. Like you, my garden is demanding all the spining time this week. 5 yards of mulch and eleven peonies to move. Not to mention roses and the like to be tended, and why did I buy $200 worth of NEW plants at the nursery when all I wanted was two penstemons?

Beth S.

That wheel is amazing. It's just the kind of styling I'd want in a saxony wheel--clean, simple lines, nothing frou-frou. Wow. I'm in awe! Now I really really wish I'd gone to Cummington. ;-)

The Feminist Mafia

Should we put out an APB on a wool crazed spinner? Where you been?

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