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did you got maryland for stewart?

that's kind of gross actually.


I find it positively eerie that as I was reading this post, I began to smell fleece...
Not particularly stinky fleece, but still, you know... fleecy fleece.
There are no longer any fleeces in my house.
not one.
So ... did you manage to create a scratch 'n' sniff blog? Did my computer upgrade itself over the weekend? Or does the mere sight of a fleece on the floor invoke olfactory memories?



I love when you show kitty photos! And, you know Sharon and I have a drum carder, right? Just saying.


Insanity may have come up once or twice... ;o)


Black outs. Not a good sign. Too bad you're surrounded by other active users.

Ah well. Nice fleece there.

And girl! RAMERS! Suhweet.


I am so glad I can live vicariously through others - thank you, thank you, thank you.

(Stuart is a lovely name for a fleece. What is the other 'on it's way fleece' name?)


Oh, isn't it nice that you went to all that trouble for the cats to have something new to roll in!!


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

You know what's on my list for NH? Roving and sock yarn.

That's it.

Who needs sweaters? Or bags? Or ANYTHING else? Not me. Nope.


oh.my.god. STEWART!!


I was going to say that it's when you start to have blackouts that you know it's time to stop drinkin'. But MamaCate beat me to it.

And nice combs, baby. Nice combs.


Too young for forgetting. Fugue state? Shopping while Ambien'd? How about a ruse in case Mr. Obsession sees the blog post?

ann-marie mackay

i just met went to Mr Ramers house today--he's fixing a wheel for me.
I was looking around for pictures of his combs--glad i found your blog

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