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joe and i may be in. since he's coming with me, that means i don't have to go rushing home (not that i would have -- but i would have felt guilty for staying late). and he did ask if there would be drinking.


Definitely in for the picnic. Not so sure about margaritas yet. I'm thinking of bringing Patricia Wells lentils with walnuts.


Um, count me in for both, dude. :)

Not sure what I'll bring for potlucking, but I'll figure something out.

Oh - and a dim sum restaurant just opened up near Boston Bowl...I'm just sayin'. ;)


Such a very timely little doo-dad to be making the rounds! I love your "Advance Edition" and I can't wait for the follow-up article!!!

Have fun. ; )


In for the picnic -- unfortunately not for the apres-fleece festivities -- my little ones won't last that long. Although I'll absolutely need a margarita. Maybe to go.


Oh, have fun!! I'm so jealous...

Kat with a K

I'm in for dinner. I get out of work at four so that should work out nicely. Whee! Thanks for organizing!

Teresa C

I'm coming to the show early and have to leave to go to a shower, but I may come back for dinner. Thinking about it. See you tomorrow.

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