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Looks fantastic! Loves the color!


It's gorgeous! Absolutely lovely. I'm awaiting a package from WEBS that will soon show up at my door (well, my office door) and allow me to cast on for Rogue after years of planning! I'm really excited (and slightly nervous - you might be getting some emails), especially after seeing all the lovely ones in blogland. Beautiful job.


Dude - it's GORGEOUS! And the weather has been perfect for it the last couple of days. :)


I told you Saturday and I'll tell you again, I think it's fantastic. And, dude? You know that Blogless Sharon is sheep shopping, right?


So very funny! I loved your assessment of the pattern and the process. Yes, on second thought, there may be a (hoodless) Rogue in my future. Which is why I want you to remember what you did. So let's talk very quietly until you finish that part of it THEN WE CAN GET LOUD AND SHOW OFF THE TARGET. I may just wear a jacket.

Oh, and BTW? LOVED the knitting mojo you started. So did Mr. E.


if that cute litte sheep eats dandilions then i'll get one. 24 inches -- that's smaller than my dog. who is a shepard mix -- so they're made for eachother. beautiful rogue by the way -- i love that color. it looks beautiful wiht your hair and i bet makes your eyes even bluer.


You look GORGEOUS in that sweater!
Darn 'envelopes' won't let you shop at the sheep fests I take it.

Beth S.

Hoodless Rogue! Awesome! Impressive! And beautiful. What a great color (even though you're not thrilled about the color in retrospect, it's really, really pretty.)


Those sheep! They might just be the sheep I've been waiting for. Boy, would my neighbors hate that in like a billion different ways. But I'll just tell them it could have been goats. Or pigs.


Your Rogue looks absolutely lovely! The blue is a gorgeous color for you, too.


Mmmm yeah, I loves me the hoodless version.


It is stunning. Truly stunning. What has kept me away from Rogue is the hood and the pouch -- you've unlocked the key to the holy grail for me :-) And btw, the color is very flattering; not 70s in any way.


You saw me staring at it all day at CT, right? I kept wanting to say something (I might even have done so--no memory left here), but then I thought I'd seen it before. Of course I did. But it was on the needles. Duh.

Love it. Gorgeous. And I hear you on the hood. I just finished grafting mine, and OY. I think it will work on the cardi, but the pocket/hood thing would totally make me look like a marshmallow in a pullover.

Rock on. Thanks for the deets.


It's wonderful!! You've certainly inspired me to pull my thumb out & get into my own Rogue or Eris.


Congrats!! It's stunning and immensely flattering.


I'm late to the party here. But I love what you did with the neckline. Nice work on the rip-out.


Gorgeous. I really like your neckline mods! I would love to know how you did it!!

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