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The plum silk one is pretty -- why not wear it for a bit and if you don't like it, then recycle it. You are teasing us with Rogue :-)


Great score on the sweaters! And I love the new color of the radiators.


What Carole said...

As for the plum sweater, maybe a modeled shot so we can see how it looks on you. I think it's lovely, but cut and flattery-on-body is important to know before making such decisions. :)


i'm with them on the plum sweater. i need to find a local goodwill.

are you going to NHS&W?


Try wearing the sweater. Remember that once its frogged, its gone.

And I take it since its not a color you wear then you would use the yarn for someone else?


Wear it. That'd be a good color on you and shit, you can always rip it later.

It isn't like you don't have plenty to keep you amused in the meantime.....

Oh right, just read comments. What they said.


That is serious yarn shopping. Wear it.

Mr. E has been smiling all day. *hugs*

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