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Beth S.

Anything at all from Folk Shawls is going to be a wonderful project. I think that book is magical.

The Paisley Long Shawl speaks to me on a visceral level, but it has patterning on both sides, and that is SCARY.


*our* crazy wool hording ways?


Me, I like the highland triangle. Excellent first successful lace after a disasterous beginning (Madli's Shawl)


The cool thing about the Whisper Scarves is that you could get pretty funky with it, and because it isn't huge, it wouldn't take a lot of time, maybe...

My next favorite is the Lacy Lattice shawl, but I'll have to go home and look at my Folk Shawls book before I'm totally ready to commit. ;)

And dude - I love grafting.

julia fc

uh, sorry.
I think Junos' right. Highland is a lace panacea, and dude, you could use one. But Paisley --seriously-- would NOT be boring, Ever.

The Feminist Mafia

I can't wait to see how this conversation develops because I have mixed feelings about lace too, but I'm dying to start a shawl.
Can't see long fringe on someone who's iffy about wearing a shawl, so if you opt for Paisley, ditch the fringe.


Lacy lattice. Or Leda's Dream from pinklemontwist (just google Leda's dream as I'm on my MIL's computer without the usual bookmarks).

I feel as you do about grafting. The lack of love really slows down my sock production.

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