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I'm a daily reader, but rarely comment... I just had to tell you that I'm impressed with your handspun. I've been trying to use my new drop spindle, & it's not going too well so far. Seeing our pictures gave me a little inspiration to haul it out & try some more.


Distaff, huh? But but but what about my WHEEL? Looking for more details on Fiber Frolics....


Distaffs are cool, and yer wrist looks so pretty with fiber wrapped around it.

also? spaghetti-os are gooooooood.

Beth S.

Funny, I was just thinking about making a wrist distaff--even bought some fun beads for the Urbanspinner one. Thanks for the links--I will go read up!

I'm so glad you're having a good time getting to know your wheel, producing lovely yarns, etc, but still haven't forgotten about your spindles. :-) Playing with a wheel recently really helped me appreciate the spindle in a whole new way--portable, no assembly required, no parts to oil, weighs nothing at all, can ply as well as spin with making adjustments, etc.


There's a definite color theme in all your pictures today - lovely!


Um, if you haven't had enough fun assembling furniture today, y'know, you should feel free to come to my house. I've got an Ikea desk and bookcase that need some attention.

Oh, btw - we went to dim sum at the new Chau Chow City today and it was GOOD. :)


MMMmmmmm. spagetti-Os. You're going to make me make a wrist distaff, aren't you?


I made my distaff from fabric, which I know is wrong, but I needed one rightnow. Still works, even though it's not wool. I thought there might be a problem because fabric's not clingy, but there doesn't seem to be. So if anyone's in a screaming, tearing hurry to have a distaff, like I was, braided cotton fabric strips work well in a pinch!

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