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Too funny! I can't wait to see the inventory. It can only make me and my new huge plastic bins feel better. Maybe.

And that spinning sober? I can't knit anything complex after ONE glass of wine. The spinning, though, gets REALLY artistic. If you catch my drift. Literal and figurative drift. *ahem*


maybe that's my problem. next time i try to spin, i drink.


Your spinning looks fantastic!


Look at that lovely newly-born yarn.


ooooh pretty - I know nothing of tencel (yet) so I can't be helpful...

I learned the spinning lesson last weekend at the car show. My singles were complete crap after three hard cider's ;o) I gave up after four...

julia fc

The Summer of Spinning: beats lace this year IMHO: Let's get a button!

Beth S.

Ooooh! That Hot Rod is hot stuff indeed! And your spinning is lovely--it looks so nice and even!

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