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Baby doll, Rhinebeck 06 has yet to happen. Unless you slipped into a time machine and crammed it full of yarn and came back.

You DID, didn't you?! You hooked up with the adorable Chris Eccleston and went off and bought all the good stuff before we ever even had a chance!


I'm so bummed I miised out on all the fun. Booooo! :( Looks liek you had a great weekend.


Dude, I was included in that weekend and I am *still* totally jealous of the weekend Kellee had. Lucky girl.


Sounds like an awesome weekend. Even if I wasn't invited. Pout.
seriously, though, you can cook for me ANYtime. ;-)


Love, love, LOVE the Jaywalkers! What a difference your pattern change made! Looks great!


Sounds like a most awesome weekend!


It was SOOOOO good. Ms. Obsession needs to cook for us more often. If she can do that in the middle of a renovation, she'll strap on the jet engines with a finished kitchen.

Wanted more. More. Fiber. People. Mr and Ms. Obsession. Plane flights just didn't hold a candle (plane flights through thunderstorms, I'll remind you).

All I can say is, I got to go to the Fold. Heh. Let's not speak of stash explosions. Please.


I am jealous of your socks AND dinner. And thanks for the farmer's market links!


Perfect Jaywalkers!! Love that tasty final picture... *drool*

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