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Nope, probably not. But it's awfully cute!


dude! what's going on here. what's with all of the southern talk ... the "dangs" and "y'alls." is it the heat that we're wearing like a coat of hot soup that has you going back to your roots? gator talk?

cute hat though. cuter kid in the hat.


I'm thinking its a fair bet that you've got more Gator colored yarn in the stash.

Start knitting.



Um, yeah - that hat's not going to fit through football season. The good news is that you get to knit another hat for that cute little babypants, though. :)


ahhh how cute!


ditto to what Claudia said.

(he's adorable - a-dor-able! mooshy cheeks, tiny ears, perfect little gator hat..)


Awww, you better get knitting on a new hat, because he's so cute in that one!

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