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The scarf is glorious! Both in color (heh) execution, and patterning.

I love the cocoa shells. I think the buckwheats, at over twice the price, are the gardening world's rip-off scam.


Mmmm, cocoa shell mulch. I want a garden just so I can spread cocoa shell mulch.

The scarf looks great. Love the blue.


Mulching with chocolate? Clearly you are my kind of girl.



Garden and scarf are both lovely! Or perhaps the garden with its touch of cocoa is better described as yummy.


Great job on the scarf - love the pattern, like the idea of the 1/2 pattern repeat for the edging.

At least your inner-goth will have a cool scarf to wear as she locks herself in her room listening to the Cure, or something like that...


The scarf is beautiful! And the garden looks good too! I wish some of your responsible pet owners lived in our neighborhood--I was none too pleased to find doggy-doo right in with my flowers today.


Love the scarf :o) Very pretty blue - and cool pattern!

I'd love to mulch with the cocoa bean mulch however, my dog would not only eat her weight in it, she'd eat ALL of it (she only weighs 8 lbs). She's a chocolate fiend and has OD'd on several occasions - mostly at Christmas when certain children (and men) forget to put their Xmess candy high up and out of doggies reach ;o)


pretty. scarf and mulch. I want my ayrd to smell like chocolate. Better than smelling like river.

Pretty amusing to look back 5 or 10 years and go wha? tha? F?
But now is better.

Beth S.

Cashmere/alpaca lace? I am SWOONING over here...


I like the "black" shot especially. :) It's gorgeous!

Cocoa mulch is excellent... I'm allergic to cedar, so I hate cedar mulch with a passion.

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