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I think I need to start taking the route home that goes by your house. ;)


Oh those berries! How's the house renovations coming along?


I'm with you! The farmer's market is the highlight of my week! It's the only thing that will get me outside in this heat.


We have a great farmers market near our house, too. I love our frequent visits for fresh produce! What better way to eat healthy?


Yum! Yea, summer as an adult is not all that it's cracked up to be.


I love farmer's market too and don't miss a Saturday that I don't go. I supplement what I don't grow in my own garden with local produce, fruit, jams, milk, and eggs.

Great looking meal!


yummmmmm! love those blackberries!


Me too! (Hate summer.) Hate!

Good local ingredients, which is nice, but even better is the taste and the goodness for you without sacrificing goodness. Yum!

The Feminist Mafia

I'm with you. I absolutely HATE summer. Perhaps there's a correlation between knitters and summer-haters? Should you be inclined to pick blueberries this summer, let me know. I'd love to share the perfect farm.


If you get a chance, you should definitely check out the Duhks! Their most recent CD is pretty good, and from what I heard, their new one is going to be great.

Those blackberries look awesome - I need to find a good produce market before the summer fruit season is over!

Sara in WI

AND...our Farmer's Market has home grown wool! yummy

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