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I'm flattered you like it. I haven't really progressed any further... looking for a new job, planning a wedding and recovering from a nerve injury. BUT you've given me just the nudge I need.

I'm trying to use up some of my stash so I'm thinking of doing a sampler pattern with one of those nasty Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn. I'm going to pick 9 different patterns and use those to create a Sudoku pattern. Then to reward myself for getting rid of that yarn, I shall go out and by some beautiful yarn to make my color Sudoku afghan.


Geez, I know I left a comment yesterday. I saw it! Anyway, I'm flattered you like my Sudoku idea so much. I can't remember the rest of what I wrote yesterday, but in any case thanks for the kick in the pants. That was just the nudge I needed to get started again.

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