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Beth S.

Spinning your own sock yarn! Wow! That's definitely something I aspire to.

I sampled a bit of BFL on my spindle a day or two ago, and you're right, it's utterly lovely stuff. :-)


Wow, I just adore that skein of BFL.

The first time I tried Navajo-plying, it didn't go so well, but looking at your work makes me think that maybe I just underplied it. I might just have to try it again =)


BFL - yum! Have you ever tried it blended with angora? Oh oh oh oh oh!

Typepad has had some issues a couple times lately with email notice but it's been working fine for at least a week, for me anyway.


Wow, Roy is looking fantastic! Your single certainly does the fleece justice. And the swatch is beautifully tweedy.


That linkage is evil. I just spent forty bucks in about two nanoseconds. ;o)


Ah, the drunken ball room pajama spinning at SPA. Thanks for the memory!


Roy is looking very good.

Some of us weren't drunk. Just asleep. *sigh*


Roy is going to make some great socks!


Roys looking good!

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