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I haven't had any comment notification problems (that I know of) but I'm with you about all the downtime and hassles lately. I thought they had it all under control. Frustrating!


Those don't sound like small annoyances to me, especially when you are paying for the blog space.




Feelig a bit testy, are we? No need to respond. ;-)


Technical difficulties with one's blog are hardly SMALL annoyances. They absolutely drive me insane!!!! And, issues like this demand the sassiest of comments to the blog provider. Get another email address... pshsht. Tha's rediculous!


give 'em hell, sister.


They actually suggested you get another email address?! I can't believe it! When you're paying for service you should be getting the service. Plain and simple.

I just switched to Typepad. Crap.


I was considering moving over to typepad - drats! I'm certainly not going to pay for a service that is obviously pissing people off - I sure hope it get straightened out for you soon!


Can I add to your list of annoyances that maybe they could fix the intermittent feed problem that shows way more new posts than actually exist?? For all its issues, blogger doesn't do that. Pesky for we bloglines users.


All your grievances are totally legit! Like the Jaywalker modifications btw...


I have two words for you: Self Hosting.

Oh, and I have eight email addresses ;o)

And yeah, what Chris said. My Bloglines says I have 472 unread posts which I know is NOT possible since I was down to 7 two days ago.

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