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Lucy at Mind's Eye

Oh, the big bag from Zeilinger. There's really nothing like it! That wool is delicious. I just love the color!


Wow - that's a lot of fluff to spin up!


I think you need to getting a-spinnin'. Five pounds will get you sweaters plus leftovers.


Um...that should've been TWO sweaters plus leftovers.


shetland. cvm. frosted caramel.

stop. turning. me. on.


So, what do you call this loveliness?





Oh, my... that is absolutely freaking gorgeous.

Delicious. Chocolatey, caramel-y.... delicious.


Okay, your yarn is yelling at me over the internets. I seriously got yelled at by that photo before I knew you were actually ASKING for what the yarn wanted to be, it took it upon itself to yell the answer at me. I have no idea why it doesn't talk to its own creator--I know that yarn often tells me it wants to be with someone else, so there you have it.

Anyway, it wants to be the flyingdales cardigan by Lisa Lloyd. And it's name is Choco-Root Beer Float.

I'll write it on pink message pad and leave it on your desk. Apparently I'm now your wool secretary. Either that, or I'm your WOOL'S secretary, and that's even weirder.

More wine? Why yes.


Everything Cate said. The Flyingdales Cardi would be wonderful. Beautiful fiber- wiping the drool off of my keyboard.

julia fc

I third the Flyingdales. I love mine. BUt you're going to have a lot of yarn. Maybe you want a Aran Tweed Cardi by Norah Gaughan?
and one for a friend?
Lovely spinning, Kelly. REally.


I think you should keep enough for the Flyingdales and then send the rest to Elisa. Because I heard she was running out of fiber. ;-)


I hink I j st sho ted out my eyboard with the dro l...


What Mamacate said. The lacewt is exquisitely done. Because you can and did? Yeah. I love the carmelly stuff that Z created. Your spinning is doing it proud. Which wheel? Flyingdales. For Rhinebeck. Heh. 2007.


Beautiful, what a good idea to blend the two fleeces! And the laceweight, absolutely incredible.

Beth S.

That's enough wool for something really epic. Huge. Like a cozy for your entire house.

It's SO lovely, I don't know how you'll ever decide on a worthy project.


I jumped over here from Jackie's blog and my goodness, that looks delicious, and what beautiful laceweight!

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