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i get overwhelmed at fabric stores and am totally incapable of deciding on what to buy unless i've got a very specific thing in mind (ie. curtains) and then i can't find something that i like ...that i can afford.


You got some wonderful fabrics. I'd be happy to visit that store with you.


We were NOT suffering out there on the bench. We were hatching ice cream dreams. And laughing. And knitting. And saying, "thank god we aren't into fabric ALSO". Heh. Yet.

The Feminist Mafia

Yep, I fell down the Valley Fabrics rabbit hole during the Lowell Quilt Festival. We really need one in Boston, huh?


My dear, I know you went to Wellesley and all, but one H in Northampton.

Sorry, school pride thing there, I suppose I'm being assimilated.

Anyway, ahem. I wish I could make a sewing machine do my bidding, but for now I can only stand around that store and wish I could do something worthy of that stuff. And the others like me had NO REASON TO COMPLAIN because next door is the best coffee in Noho. And NYT for the reading. No complaints.


Have I ever mentioned that I kind of want to learn to quilt? I can't sew a straight seem to save my ass, but the idea of quilting appeals nonetheless.

And I've got a sewing machine, too...

Beth S.

Did you see the goldfish prints? Cream fabric with tiny little goldfish in bowls or plastic bags, labeled with names like "Helen" and "Boris". I kind of wanted that one.


Thanks for the great link! We don't really have any fabric super-stores here... I have a feeling I'm going to be a refular visitor to their online store!

Great fabric choices. Be sure to show us the finished products!


Laurie's right, we were having a grand old time out there on that bench!


I didn't need to click on that link - but I did. My car, the one that has everything important that I might even think of needing this year - has my fabric stash in it. Some of it is fabric I bought 10-15 years ago, just because I "liked" it.

My mom made almost all of my clothes when I was younger because, at the time, fabric and patterns were cheaper. And the clothes she made always fit. I joke that she will make my (eventual) wedding dress. She jokes back that she did not even make her own wedding dress and she will not be a slave to the machine. We'll see, when the time comes.

I grew up with homemade scrap quilts (years "newborn," 16 and 22 are all marked with special quilts) and have been around fabric and a sewing machine forever. It used to be a secret stash - because I knit and that is portable and easy to do in class and in meetings and only requires needles and wool.

I shouldn't have clicked on that link...but I did.
(see you this weekend?)


Couldn't heaven be a yarn store with fabric in the back?

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