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i love the stained glass.

and the spinning. thanks for the link. someday i'll be able to spin that way. i hope.


Pretty door, and the spinning looks great. I still am struggling with long draw - those links are good references, thanks!


Good for you, tackling the glazing! Well worth it. Lovely door.

And lovely spinning, too!


I read that Interweave article all the time. Hoping that it will click. Sometimes i think it does, but then it slips away again.

ANd you have a stained glass door!?! Gorgeous. I'm so jealous.


What a beautiful front door! As for long draw, I've had no luck with it. Maybe we can work together at SPA this year!


Those joy of handspinning links were a mind blower.

1) I've been trying to long draw only with my drafting hand. Adding some asssistance with the left as per illustration might jsut solve the problem.

and 2) I don't spin like any of those styles. I guess I made up my own hybrid.
What a suprise.

I have not made as much progress as you. Sigh.

Beth S.

I'm so impressed with your mad renovating skillz. I hope you can salvage all that lovely stained glass!


By Jove, I think she's got it! Me, not so much. I think you are right about the prep thing. That's what Mamacate said in a comment a few months back. Prep makes or breaks.

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