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FemiKnit Mafia

OMG, I have a serious Tidy Up story to share, but even I might be too chicken shit to post it.




Great socks. I don't dare look at the Tidy Up page.


Great colors in the socks! Adding the yarn to the mental list I'm keeping of all the new sock yarns I'm dying to buy.

I still have that alpaca in the envelope on my nightstand, and somehow I just keep forgetting to pick it up and head for the post office. I'll make sure to send it to you this week!


They're gorgeous!! Welcome to the world of toe-up. :)


so i'm not sure that you'll even see this comment, since i'm posting way after the thought. but i have a question about your socks. i, too, want to try the toe-up approach and i LOVE the length of your socks. did you increase for the calf at all? or did it just stretch?


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