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I say, god DAMN that is beautiful spinning.

And what? You're not planning to have Rhinebeck socks knit, too? ;)


That looks so good - you totally have the right to be proud. You may have stolen that lazy kate idea from someone else, but I'm stealing it from you now.


Oh, yeah, be very proud of that yarn. It's gorgeous.

Marcy, Not Blogless

Fabulous, wonderful yarn porn! Great colors. And that is some beautiful spinning. Yay Roy! Don't you just loooove baby Romney?


Wow, that looks so . . . so . . . so yarny! And you made it. All by yourself. It's perfect and gorgeous! Fan-friggin-tastic job.

Whip me up a sweater's worth, would you? I'll give you Cascade 220 money . . .

*ducks the tensioned lazy Kate flying towards head and runs away.*


The yarn! The spinning! The natural-colored sheepy goodness! I am a little breathless...that is one stunning skein of yarn there.

As for the Kate, I say you unvented something for sure.


Fabulous! And I know what you mean about just spinning to make yarn and not using it. I'm trying really hard to plan what I want the yarn to look like before I start spinning the fiber.
You done good here, girlie.


i just let the yarn dictate what i'll make. if that means another monster, then who am i to argue.

that's beautiful.


Wow, that is really nice yarn. Someday I hope to make yarn that beautiful. You should be very, very proud of that.


Wow, that is truly great yarn. I'm about to ply a carefully planeed three-ply like that an I can only hope it comes out half as good. What a skein!


I'm soooo impressed with the yarn, it turned out great!!!!!


That yarn looks absolutely beautiful. You SHOULD be proud of yourself. How often
does the finished result look just like what we had in our head when we
started?? Congratulations!




um, yeah, what everyone else said...and...you make me wish I could be spinning. *sigh*


Golly gee lady, that's some good looking wool you got there.


Roy is so sexy!


That is thoroughly stunning yarn! Can you send the spinning elves over to MY house? That is so so beautiful. I'm proud of you too. And *envious*.


I am in awe. Really. A thing of beauty, that yarn.


Great yarn! Just a thought, until you get the lazy kate, the Spin To Knit book has instructions for a simple lazy kate. It uses a wood blank, an eye hook and a few nails. Might be worth looking at until you get a tensioned kate.


Oh, that is lovely spinning, congrats & enjoy!


Woah. That is some seriously good spinning!


Very great yarn. Makes me want to try one day to spin my own!!

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