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We miss you too, nice lady with the soft lap. Bourbon says if you come back and rub his belly he will try to refrain from eating your shoes.
I know, I know, he can't be trusted. But still, visit again soon. We'll get sushi.


Oh those cats are beautiful. So adorable as kittens......I do love cats...if only I have a bigger home.


They are beautiful! It must have been so difficult to give them up!


I forgot how cute those little kittens were. I can't believe you were able to part with them.


I love how chatty siamese can be. I used to think it was annoying until I got one of my own. Now I love the wee talkative ones. I would have had a really hard time parting with those kittens.


Damn those kitties are cute.


Oh my god, those cats.


They are cute. The retrospective - yum.

I missed the shoutout, so happy birthday belated! Glad you had a good time.


there is simply too much cat cuteness in this post, though I'm not sure what can be done about it...?

the fiber above is glorious. Love the bumps - love them cats. Is it Friday yet?


Thanks for the gorgeous kitten pictures! I love watching the points develop on Siamese. And they just look so sweet...

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