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Oh yeah, the train? It rocks.


I'm with you! Once you add in the few hours early you have to get to the airport it pretty much evens out time-wise. And the train is so much more fun.


It's been years since I was on a "real" train (as opposed to the commuter train into the city, and even that is pretty rare), but there really is something so nice about a train ride.


Yeah, and the last time I flew, they lost my flippin' luggage.

I LOVE Amtrak to NYC. Exactly the same reason. *knit*knit*knit*


Clearing out your camera?

Yeah, after my last couple of drives, the train, she looks awfully good.


"quiet car"? I must learn about this. My daughter complained about the noise on her last train ride, so she could not do her studying that she needed to do. Is this on all Amtrak trains?


I love taking the train...it has been years and years since I have.


*sigh* I'd love to go on knitting retreat on a train out west...

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